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2018-11-21 11:21

4 Things to know about the Maintenance of Goods Lift

Every machine needs to be taken good care for there’s a chance they would fail to work. Many manufacturers of goods lift said their products were free maintenance. In fact, there are 4 things to know about the Maintenance of Goods Lift.
1. General Maintenance
The following are general guidelines. Always refer to manufacturer’s Owners manual.
1.1 Maintenance, such as lubrication and adjustment, shall be performed by qualified and trained personnel.
1.2 Lack of maintenance may cause a hazardous condition, the user shall establish a maintenance program to ensure that goods lift components are maintained in a condition that does not constitute a hazard to personnel (see owner’s manual).
1.3 No maintenance, or lubrication, shall be performed when the goods lift is in operation. Most goods lift’s are serviced with the carrier or carriage lowered. Consult manufacturer’s service instructions.
1.4 When the goods lift is stopped for maintenance or repair purposes, the main power shall be locked or tagged out in accordance with a formalized procedure designed to protect all persons or groups involved with the goods lift against an unexpected restart.
1.5 All safety devices and guards shall be replaced before starting equipment for normal operation.
1.6 Routine inspection and corrective maintenance measures shall be conducted to ensure that all guards and safety features are in place and function properly.
2. Hydraulically Actuated goods lift
2.1 Check hydraulic fluid level and fluid contamination.
2.2 Check hydraulic fitting leakage.
2.3 Check hydraulic cylinder seals
3. Lift System
3.1 goods lift with lifting chains, check for chain stretch with chain gauge, check chain connections, and lubricate per manufacturer’s instructions.
3.2 goods lift with cable lifting system, check for stretched or frayed cable(s) and replace. Check cable attachment, and inspect and lubricate cable sheaves per manufacturer’s instructions.                                                          
3.3 For a goods lift with screw jack type lift system follow manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance.
4. goods lift Safety Devices
4.1 All goods lifts on which the carrier or carriage is suspended must be equipped with a falling platform safety device(s). These devices may require periodic testing and lubrication depending on the manufacturer. Direct acting hydraulic ram or cylinder supported carriers or carriages do not require a falling platform safety device and should no be subject to any applicable drop test requirements. The manufacturer’s instructions for these devices should be followed exactly.
4.2 On hydraulic actuated goods lifts, a relief valve is provided in the hydraulic power unit as a safety device to prevent overload and is factory set prior to shipment. Any adjustment to this device should only be done with factory approval and/or supervision.
4.3 Other safety devices that may require maintenance and checking if the goods lift is so equipped, are any removable guard interlocks, gate electrical mechanical interlocks, and over-travel limit switches. There may be other devices not mentioned. Check with the manufacturer of the goods lift that you are considering.
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