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2018-11-27 10:46

Quentin Self-propelled Scissor Lift

If you are a retailer and need to raise people or goods to a higher area then scissor lifts are right for you. These lifts are based on the concept of raising or lowering a platform. They comprise the platform, the scissor legs and the lower frame assembly. The scissor part is the folding arm which can extend or fold in on itself to raise or lower the table on top of the hydraulic lifting arms. This arm can be extended to carry out the different tasks. The vertically elevated platforms when retracted, takes up very less space like an accordion. They can be mobile or attached to the back of vehicles for increased mobility.
The main feature of the self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform is that users can control the mechanical lifting and walking, can drive the platform to other work area on the table. The equipment itself has the walking and steering function, does not need manual traction, does not need external power supply. Flexible and convenient transportation makes the operation more convenient and efficient, is the ideal platform equipment for efficient and safe production in modern enterprises.
The Product features of Quentin self-propelled scissor lift:
  1. The metal structure takes the electrophoresis treatment, the ability rust-proof  and corrosion-proof  is high.
  2. Small turning radius: outer turning radius of tire is 1.98m, inner turning radius is 0m
  3. Sufficient power supply : trojan battery imported from the USA are used with four groups in series,with the battery capacity up to 225 ah, 8 hours life in normal operation.
  4. Advanced technology: adopt DeltaTech control system and fault self-diagnosis technique, with anti-collision transducer option.
  5. High reliability: key components are imported and the waterproof capacity of major electric components is up to IP65
  6. Good safety: equipped with horizontal switch and weighing sensor, which ensures the safety of equipment and operators
  7. Easy maintenance: dual revolving doors, easy to maintain
  8. Energy-saving and environment-friendly: low noise, no pollution, up to energy-saving and environmental protection standard.

However, There Are Specific Safety Precautions To Be Followed For Lift
* Signs of warning should be kept when it is in use for other workers.
* The area where it is used should be clear of equipment and any kind of obstructions and people.
* It should be used independently without securing it against any object.
* No unauthorized use should be allowed. is a website about different kinds of scissor lifts and lift tables. You can find the product you are looking for.

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