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2018-12-29 15:42

Top 5 Tips for Aerial Lift Maintenance

Here are a handful of maintenance tips for your AWPs, scissor lifts, and aerial lifts:
Conduct regular fluid checks. This means oil, gas, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid and more. Many lift mishaps are the result of improper fluid levels. Just like your car requires regular oil and fluid checks, so do aerial lifts and scissor lifts!
Check tire pressure, if necessary. Especially, for outdoor operations, your tires are crucial. Just one under-inflated tire could compromise safety.
Ensure personal safety equipment is available. Hats, gloves, harnesses – if normal lift operations require a piece of equipment, make sure it's always on hand.
Examine your lift after every job. Get in the habit of a quick yet concise inspection after every job. This ensures that small problems don't transform into big ones.
Put it in writing. Once you've done routine lift maintenance, keep your records in a log. This document is required, should your lift be involved in an accident. If you can't prove regular maintenance to OSHA, you could possibly be looking at increased fines and further legal action. For example, if your maintenance plan detects a problem with certain scissor lift components and they're responsible for an accident, you need to document why it happened. Remember: with a responsible & regular maintenance program, scissor lift components, aerial lift safety accessories, and other devices are less likely to fail during normal operation.
Maintenance is critical for overall aerial lift safety, and so is proper training. Choose Quentin Lift for your aerial lift and scissor lift purchasing needs. From fall protection to accident avoidance and more, we're the best choice for manufacturing and training in China!
If you have any questions about our scissor lift or aerial lift fall protection training, give us a call at 0086-531-88029300. Thanks for considering us for your scissor lift purchasing and training.

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