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2019-02-18 11:06

Global Aerial Work Platforms Market Annual Update

Global Aerial Work Platforms Market Annual Update

The US AWP market broke out at a per capita GDP (current price) of around $8,000. In 1960, California used aerial work vehicles to sort fruit branches and harvest fruits in orchards, which was the beginning of the use of aerial work platforms. At the California Rental Industry Association (CRA) Machinery Exhibition in 1966, Selme's aerial work vehicles and platformized aerial work equipment officially entered the historical stage. In the same year, the aerial work platform leader Gini was established. Since the beginning of the 1970s, with the rapid development of the US economy, the per capita GDP has rapidly reached the level of 8,000 US dollars, the labor cost has risen sharply, and the more efficient aerial work vehicles have rapidly spread, rapidly in the fields of architecture, gardens, airports, municipalities, and warehousing. Infiltration, the need for truck chassis, long-term operation, and cost-effective aerial work platforms also ushered in an outbreak.

Referring to the United States, China’s per capita GDP has reached the point of AWP market explosion.

The European and American aerial work platform market is a stock market, and the main demand comes from equipment renewal. Due to strict safety requirements for high-altitude operations and high labor costs, developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have promoted aerial work platforms earlier and have high penetration rates, which are mature markets for aerial work platforms. The number of high-altitude platforms in Europe and America has been almost stable; the output of aerial work platforms in Japan is also generally stable. In Europe and the United States, the manufacturing needs of aerial work platforms are mainly generated by the renewal of existing equipment. The service time of US aerial work platform equipment is generally about 4.5 years, and that of Europe is about 8 years. The leasers in developed countries will use used equipment to backward areas. Sell to make a profit.

The European and American aerial work platforms have updated the market space by 27 billion/year. The total GDP of the ten European countries accounts for 73% of the total GDP of Europe, so as to roughly estimate the stock of the aerial work platform in Europe by about 310,000 units, with an estimated 90% of the lease market share, and the average service time is 8 In the year, the annual update rate is 12.5%. The annual demand for aerial work platform in Europe is 38,800 units. The average selling price per unit is estimated at RMB 160,000. The annual demand for aerial work platform is RMB 6.208 billion. With a stock market of 500,000 units, accounting for 90% of the estimated US high-altitude operating platform inventory of 555,600 units; average service time of 4.5 years, annual update rate of 22%; also estimated at an average price of 160,000 yuan per unit, The annual update requirement for the US aerial work platform is 19.753 billion yuan.

It is estimated that the annual update space of the European, American and Japanese market aerial work platforms is 30 billion yuan.



Estimated stock   of high-altitude platform rental market (10,000 units)

Estimated total   market inventory of aerial work platforms (10,000 units)

Average life of   the aerial work platform (years)

Annual update   rate of aerial work platforms (%)

Estimated annual   update of the aerial work platform (10,000 units)

Estimated average   price of aerial work platform (10,000 yuan / unit)

Estimated annual   market size of the aerial work platform (100 million yuan)


























Japan's aerial work platform has updated market space of 3.7 billion/year. Japan's population is 40% of the United States, and Japan's per a million population of aerial work platforms is about 1/2 of the United States. It is estimated that Japan's aerial work platform stocks about 111,200 units, and its estimated service time is about 6 years. The annual update rate is 17%. The average price of Japan's aerial work platform is generally stable, about 4 million yen / Taiwan, converted into RMB about 240,000 yuan / Taiwan, assuming that it imports some low-cost aerial work platforms, equivalent to the national average aerial work platform selling price of 200,000 yuan /station. It is estimated that the demand for updated aerial work platforms in Japan is about 3.78 billion yuan.



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