The motor does not start.

  The isolator switch is in OFF -position.

  Turn the switch to ON.

  No mains feed.

  Check the mains supply.
  The STOP button is activated.   Turn off the STOP button to release.

  Primary or secondary line circuit     breakers activated.

  Check the reason and reset.

No lifting movement.

Motor is rotating in the wrong direction.

  Change two phases.(NOTE!Ensure the isolator switch is OFF before the work is started)

   Incorrect electrical connection.

  Check the connections.

  The relief valve opens.   Work platform is overloaded -remove the excess load.

The lift does not reach the top position.

  Insufficient volume of oil.

  Add oil,but not more than required to reach the top level.Too much oil may cause an overfull oil problem when the lift lowers.

  The relief valve opens.

  The lift is overloaded -remove the excess load.

  Jerky lifting or lowering motion   Air in the hydraulic system.   Check the oil level.Operate the work platform a few times at approximately 5 minute intervals. When table is at lowest level press the DOWN-button continuously for approximately 1/2 a minute.
  The lift does not lower.   Incorrect electrical wiring.   Check the connections.
  STOP button has been actuated.   Turn on the button to release
  The safety sensor has been activated.   Remove any trapped obstacle.Press the UP-button briefly to reset,then the lowering button again
  Primary or secondary line fuses actuated.   Check reason and reset.
  The lowering valve does not open.   Check the electric circuit.Possibly the valve cartridge or solenoid coil need to be replaced
  The lift lowers without DOWN-button being pressed.   Dirt in the hydraulic system   1.Operate the lift a few cycles to remove any contaminants from the valve seating.
  2.Dismantle the lowering valve,check valve cartridges and clean these.
  3.Replace the lowering and check valve cartridges and change to new oil.
  The oil volume decreases due to oil cooling.   Quite normal. If it is an inconvenience, contact Quentin Lift for proposal to solve this.
  Lifting or lowering speeds faster or slower than desired.   Flow control valve not correctly set.   Adjust the flow control valve NOTE! High speed means increased risk for instable goods.