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Our products are used across the architectural, in warehouses and maintenance facilities worldwide.


Founded in 2000,Jinan Quentin Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the capital city of Shandong province - Jinan city, well known for its developed machinery industry and convenient transportation(300 km from Qingdao port)...
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    30 years of reform and opening up, China’s automobile industry from sm.
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    Chengli compression garbage truck body have
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Top 5 Tips for Aerial Lift Maintenance

Here are a handful of maintenance tips for your AWPs, scissor lifts, and aerial lifts: Conduct regular fluid checks. This means oil, gas, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid and more. Many lift mishaps are the result of improper fluid levels. Just

Quentin Self-propelled Scissor Lift

If you are a retailer and need to raise people or goods to a higher area then scissor lifts are right for you. These lifts are based on the concept of raising or lowering a platform. They comprise the platform, the scissor legs and the lower